Afterimage: Artist’s Statement

Afterimage, explores an ongoing fascination with complexity systems in nature. The ink drawings, developed as a result of a recent sculpture / sound installation, NeuroCantos, celebrating the brain’s ability to perceive and interpret patterns at the micro and macro scale. Using paper towels to absorb excess paint on the surface of the sculpture, each towel records a graphic, linear impression of the sculptural elements.

Observing these beautiful, lyrical patterns lifted from the painted surface of the sculpture, provides an understand of how marks and shapes are similar to a Rorschach Test, revealing new relationships of form, insight, and perception, pertaining to ourselves and the world around us.

The power of line connects us on many levels and in profound ways! In the hand and eye of an artist, lines on a paper towel, the “afterimage” of paint on a sculpture can be a catalyst for weaving new narratives of visual possibilities!