Installation Description

NeuroCantos, a multi-media, collaborative art installation explores the dynamics and poetics of inner and outer space. Through sculpture, poetry, sound, and video projections the installation serves as a catalyst to re-imagine how patterns at different scales create new relationships between micro and macro worlds.

Artist’s Statement:
Click for more insight into the NeuroCantos project by the artist, Rebecca Kamen.

Curator’s Statement:
Click for a message from Holly Koons McCullough, curator for the NeuroCantos installation.

Continuum Catalog:
Click this to view the full catalog from the Continuum installation (1000k PDF)

The Sculpture / Sound Installation:
This collaborative project, created in partnership with Susan Alexjander, incorporates spoken language with the poetry of Steven J. Fowler and quotes by neuro-anatomist/artist Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Spoken word elements are surrounded by the recorded sounds of neurons firing within the human brain. Click the embedded player, below, to hear Susan’s soundscape for the NeuroCantos installation:

Composer‘s Statement:
Click here to learn more about the NeuroCantos soundscape by Susan Alexjander.

Poet‘s Statement:
Click this for more about the poetry of the Continuum installation by Steven J. Fowler

NeuroCantos Video Projections
Moving Poems created by Terry Lowenthal, below, was produced to accompany the NeuroCantos installation. Imagery and sound include quotes and poetry of neuro-antomist, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, and poet, Steven J. Fowler that reflect the NeuroCantos concept.

Continuum Installation Walk-through Video
Created by videographer and editor William Dempsey, this video walks the viewer through the installation at GRACE in Reston, Virginia.

NeuroCantos Cymatic Video created by Tim Chrepta from Susan Alexjander’s NeuroCantos soundscape.

NeuroCantos Press Coverage:

Lynn Norusis: “The powerful intersection of neuroscience and visual art in Reston” in Northern Virginia Magazine, February 2016.

Julie Schauer: “Rebecca Kamen Continues Her Scientific Explorations Through Art” published in the Artventures blog, February 2016.

Click this to read Janet Rems’ article, “Exhibition celebrates art’s ability to re-imagine science” published in the January 8 issue of The Fairfax Times.