Installation Description

Inspired by gravitational wave physics and Einstein’s notion of Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment), the Portal installation interprets the tracery patterns of the orbits of black holes and the outgoing gravitational wave of this event. The inclusion of the fossils references similar patterns found within micro and macro scales, and creates a visual dialogue between space-time and geological time.

The collaborative sculpture and sound installation created in partnership with Susan Alexjander, uses sounds interpreted from motions in outer space, including sonic frequencies representing a binary pair of orbiting black holes. Click the embedded player, below, to hear Susan’s soundscape for the Portal installation:

Artist’s Statement:
Click for more about the Portal project by the artist, Rebecca Kamen.

Composer‘s Statement:
Click here to learn more about the Portal soundscape by Susan Alexjander.

Project Research Consultant‘s Statement:
Click this for thoughts on Portal by Professor Scott A. Hughes of MIT‘s Department of Physics