Divining Nature, Sequential Light: Concept

Divining Nature: Sequential Light, developed when a former Northern Virginia Community College engineering student, Ted Markson saw Kamen’s art installation, Divining Nature: An Elemental Garden.  He contacted her about a technology that would enable the forms of the original sculpture installation to be portrayed electronically. Divining Nature: Sequential Light developed from this initial dialogue. The concept involves technically condensing and visually reinterpreting the original concept of the art installation, inspired by the electron orbital patterns of elements in The Periodic Table.

The proposed electronic display would utilize real-time and three-dimensional video animations to represent specific electron patterns of elements in the Table.  A soundscape composed by Susan Alexander would also be incorporated in the display.  The sound, derived from Lamor Frequencies (radio waves) emitted from the nuclei of atoms forming the elements, is translated into tone. This portable (one metered cubed) electronic lattice structure would provide a new, conceptual view of the original sculpture and it’s relationship to chemistry, as well as creating an innovative bridge between art and science.